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                       SHABEE CHIC IS EXPANDING

Shabee Chic has closed our Southworks location to expand our
202 Beverly location. 


Shabee Chic is constantly expanding our selection of one of a kind hand made jewelry and other products from local artists and others from all around the world

Pass by Shabee Chic to see the full seleciton

Shabee Chic
Spring and Summer Ready

Spring is here and its time to lose those winter layers and start warming up with some of Shabee Chic's hot new Spring and Summer clothing.

Need something to add to that outfit? Shabee Chic also has lots of new Spring and Summer Handbags arriving daily.

Pass by Shabee Chic to check out all of our clothing and there lots of new products arriving daily

                            **SHABEE CHIC**

   Shabee Chic has expanded....again! along with our recent expansion to the main floor of our building (which includes a wall of Handbags, LOTS of new Jewelry, and an entire room for Clothing and accessories) we are expanding to the top floor as well so for all you Shabee Shoppers you can expect to find more Home Decor, Distressed Furniture, Garden and Wall Art, Dried Florals, and More!

Here are some of the new unique pieces of clothing at Shabee Chic.

​Hey Shabee Shoppers

Come by a Shabee Chic location to check out our new clothing, theres lots of new arrivals
and even more arriving every week.

Here are some of the new and upcoming arrivals.