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Shabee Chic is proud to have a growing selection of hand made Jewelry and other products. From well known Designers, Architect, to Mom and Daughter pieces.


Keep checking in to Shabee Chic to find the unique.


Make it Shabee. Make it Chic. Make it Yours.

J Jansen Designs
Judy Jansen, the artist/designer/businesswoman behind J. Jansen Designs, has been in the jewelry business for 18 years and is definitely a woman who loves what she does.
Judy initially began her career by designing a clothing line that experienced immediate success when a coat worn by one of her friends drew attention from shop owners and other designers. Ironically, as her clothing line was in demand and being showcased in such places as Caesars Palace, Judy discovered her ultimate calling---creating jewelry.
This discovery came somewhat by accident when, unable to acquire the specific findings and embellishments she wanted for her coats, she decided to produce her own

Jon Klar is a Niagara Falls based Jewellery designer. He studied and mastered the art of Design in Southern California (his place of origin).


Exquisite jewellery is made by him by combining various materials with sterling silver. He creates magic with sterling silver and the play of colors, in the disguise of jewellery. He has perfected a way to transform anodized aluminum into beautiful works of art using his own unique technique to hand color the aluminum.


Jon studied at the National Ballet school of Canada and travelled around the world as a performing artist, where in India he met his wife Roshan. Together Jon and Roshan built their studio in Niagara Falls, where the jewellery is designed and made by hand.

Made in Niagara Falls

Jon Klar
Born and raised in Quebec’s eastern townships, Dominique Frechette spent a decade in the advertising industry before leaving it all behind to pursue a career in fashion. With her newfound experience and a lifelong love of design, Dominique soon jumped at the chance to take upon the demanding craft of jewellery.

For the past five years, Dominique has been solely dedicated to developing her own line of contemporary jewellery. By choosing to combine the delicate nature of semi-precious stones with a  durable metal like anodized aluminum,  Dominique has created a  line that maintains movement, colour and intrigue without compromising the wearability of the work.
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